How to obtain a loan?

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Loans today are becoming more common, financial institutions or banks make them available for those who want to access something they do not have today. Be it a car, a motorcycle, an arrangement in the house, appliances, a trip, organize a large event, among others.

Normally the requirements of these loans are very simple, with ID and some tax can already be accessed. But of course the more complex and more money is at stake, the requirements increase.

Each loan will have some features, a deadline for the return of money, an interest rate, commissions and others.

Some loan options are

Some loan options are

◉ Consumption: specially prepared for the financing of durable consumer goods such as a vehicle, furniture for the house, electrical appliances, among others.

◉ Personal loans are those that finance more specific needs, for smaller amounts and at a specific time. The examples are to face the expenses of a wedding party, a honeymoon trip, a party of 15 years, among others. It is about intangible and perishable goods.

◉ Study loans can also be obtained, used for when the interested party wishes to finance university, postgraduate or study enrollments in foreign countries.

◉ Mortgage loans: the main difference that these have is the guarantee offered (in addition to the personal) consisting of the mortgage of the real estate that you wish to acquire.

Some options of entities that offer personal loans and their requirements:

    Cash Yes (even with loans in Cordoba) is a financial institution with many years of experience, offers a variety of loans that we will see below:

Cash Loans of up to $ 120,000, minimum $ 1,000

Cash Loans ,$120,000, minimum $ 1,000

◈ Easy to obtain, fast and with minimum requirements

◈ A single signature and no need to present guarantors

◈ The refund is made in fixed installments and in pesos

◈ The amount of fees varies between 12 to 60

Those who:

◈ Work in a dependency relationship for more than 3 months

◈ Retired or pensioned up to the age of 83

◈ Domestic staff

◈ Other activities such as monotributistas or self-employed

The minimum requirements are:


◈ A service or tax bill

◈ The last salary receipt

◖◗   Loans in Affiliated Stores: financing is offered to purchase consumer goods in premises adhered to the Cash Yes system. For this, it is not necessary to have cash or a credit card

◈ They must be returned in pesos and fixed installments

◈ No guarantors and only signature

◈ Maximum of $ 50,000

◈ A purchase can be financed up to 100% of its value

The requirements are minimum

◈ Present the DNI

◈ The last salary receipt

◈ A service invoice

They can obtain a loan in shops:

◈ Those people who work for at least 3 months in a dependency relationship

◈ Retirees and pensioners who are up to 83 years old

◈ Pensioners and retirees of ANSES

◈ Domestic staff

◈ Others like monotributistas, autonomous, etc.

They will be able to obtain unions, mutuals, cooperatives, intermediate entities and those companies that offer their employees financial solutions of Cash Yes

The requirements are minimal:


◈ Receipt of assets

◈ You can access this loan Cash Yes

◈ All those people who work in a dependency relationship

◈ Monotributistas

◈ Retirees and pensioners

In general, in all loans, the amount of fees and the amount that is provided to the interested parties will depend on the credit history they have, the monthly income and the ability to pay. That is, there are no general rules for all and for all loans.

The money that the interested party has received as a loan can be returned:

▻ In cash

▻ Using own or third-party checks

▻ Presenting counter checks from the bank where the person has the savings account

▻ By automatic or direct debit, through CBU

▻ A combination of the above

When the interested party is up to date in the payment of the installments, the means available to pay the loan are the options described in the previous point in the following collection points:

▻ Any Cash branch Yes distributed throughout the country

▻ Rapipago branches or easy payment

▻ If you want to do it in cash, you can do it at Banco Francés

▻ Any of Red Link’s ATMs

▻ Link Payments

▻ Through Payments Province

In case of being late in the monthly installments, they will only be able to pay their debt in the branches distributed of Cash Yes.

Some of these are located at:

Bahía Blanca for credits , can approach Chiclana at 183. The contact telephone number is (0291) 455-6100 and is available from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. hours.

In Cordoba, one of the branches is located in the center, on Calle San Martín 88, the contact telephone number is (0351) 421-1262 / 4211264 and the opening hours from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12: 30 hours and in the afternoon from 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For more information, details and branches you can communicate from CABA by calling 0800 222 0006 and from the interior or Gran Buenos Aires 0810 222 9247

    Another entity that offers loans with minimum requirements is CREDIL

A maximum loan of $ 60,000 on the spot and single signature

Depending on the type of interested, the necessary requirements will be:

◈ For those who work in a dependent relationship, they must present a DNI, invoice of a tax or service and their salary receipt.

◈ For those who are retired or pensioned, they must present the DNI, the receipt of the passion or retirement and any bill for a service

◈ The monotributistas must present the DNI, the last payment of the monotributo they have and a service or tax invoice

◈ For those who do not have a salary receipt, they can also access a CREDIL loan by presenting a DNI and any service or tax bill that they pay

One of the branches of Buenos Aires is located in La Plata, at 15th street, number 1437, the contact telephone number is 0221-4539090.

In Santiago del Estero can approach September 24, 256 or call 0385-4222227

For more branches you can access the Credil website and consult the one closest to your home.