Like having a credit card, with or without a pay slip

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Want to know how to get a credit card from your bank? What documents to present and what details should you pay attention to? We will explain to you quickly how to carry out all the necessary steps, also advising you on the various opportunities that credit cards offer to users. In fact, these cards can be very useful: today electronic payments are in strong growth, above all for their convenience, given that they allow fast transactions both on the Internet for online purchases, and with merchants with special readers. The credit card, in addition to serving for these payments, is also used for withdrawals at banks’ ATMs.

All this is possible because the card is linked to a current account available at the bank that issued the card

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The first step to have a credit card is therefore to open an account at the bank: this operation is necessary because with the card the payments are deferred and are paid within the following month (in the case of revolving cards they can even be paid in installments and spread over several months). Payment will be made by debiting your own account: without this, the complete operation of the card would not be possible. 

After opening the account, it is necessary to go to the bank branch with some documents, to complete the request for a credit card: the staff at the counter will ask for personal documents ( ID and tax code ) and those relating to the account, plus a certification of the applicant’s economic situation. For this reason, it is good to have the last pay slip (which guarantees a stable income) or the previous year’s tax return.

Why does the bank ask for a check on these documents?


The reason is that the card payments, being postponed, constitute a sort of short loan that the bank makes, before debiting the spent figures. And this is also demonstrated by the fact that an interest rate is charged on the expenses incurred, another element to consider when choosing a credit card, in addition to the type of guarantee required by the bank.

On the other hand, it is difficult to know how to have a credit card without a pay slip: in fact, banks usually do not require special guarantees , if not the certification of a stable income that guarantees the customer’s ability to repay.