Loans Change: Who Can Request Them?

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Loans are part of the group of personal loans that can be obtained even from those who have ended up on the list of bad payers or from those who do not have a pay slip, have been protested or are unemployed.

Bills of exchange signed by the debtor come as a guarantee for payment. The bills are enforceable and are a guarantee for those who lend money.

Let’s see together how to get a loan remitted .

Loans changed: what they are


These are personal loans have not been finalized. If the debtor requests a loan to bills, he can use the sum obtained without having to indicate the purpose, so he can use the sum at his leisure.

This type of financing is different from other forms of personal loan , for which the monthly installments are paid with a bulletin or by debiting the current account, while in the loan the loan is repaid through bills of exchange.

The debtor who receives the money signs the bills in favor of the creditor and gives his commitment to pay them monthly. In the event that the debtor does not pay on time, the creditor has the right to request an immediate payment with an injunction.

Should the debtor not pay the amount agreed upon, the creditor can protest the title and have what is due to him following an attachment of the debtor’s property.

These loans can be made even without a pay slip and in summary can be requested by anyone. The repayment of installments takes place through the payment of bills and allows banks and financial companies to lend money with minimal risks.

For this reason they can also be granted to those who have been marked as bad payers , to those who have been protested, to the unemployed and also to those who do not have a pay slip.

The amount that can be requested depends directly on the guarantees that can be presented to the bank. If the person requesting a loan is without a pay slip, he can get a sum of a few thousand euros, the situation changes if he can offer one or more guarantors as collateral or properties to be mortgaged.

The bills give an important payment guarantee and can also be granted to self-employed workers. Loans for self-employed change are of two types: financialized loans and small loans repurchased.

The difference lies above all in the amount disbursed: the former allow the request of figures above 5,000 euros, while for the latter the figure is lower

How to apply for a loan with bills?


To request it, it is necessary to attach identity documents, the Unico model of profits generated by the activity of self-employed. Loans repaid for bad payers must first be assessed by the bank, which must prevent the debtor from defaulting. The same applies to those who have been protested.

In fact, before granting a loan, even if it is repurchased, to these two types of client, the bank must very carefully assess the applicant’s financial situation. If the bank assesses the situation it will positively accept the request, otherwise there will be a refusal.

In this case, given the risk to which the bank is exposed, for bad payers and protested subjects the interest rates are higher. The guarantees to be provided are the severance pay and / or the guarantee of a third party for bad payers or protested employees, while for protesters or bad payers, self- employed workers can provide a property guarantee that can be distrained or the guarantee of another person .

For employees, a sufficient guarantee is the pay slip and / or the severance pay fund. Furthermore, even for the employee, the creditor can proceed with the attachment of the assets if the subject does not pay.

The sum to be repaid with the bills of exchange will depend on the sum of the amount requested and the interest, the same thing that happens in a common personal loan. The interest rate to be paid is fixed and is constant until the end of the repayment.

Times to get the figure

The bank will need a few days to assess the financial condition of the applicant, but once the loan is approved, the amount of money required is immediately credited to the current account or delivered by check.

With the loans repaid, as anticipated, interest rates are always higher than other types of financing and in the event of debt insolvency assets could be seized. Interest rates are high because the risk of the financing transaction is very high for the bank.

The more uncertain the financial situation of the debtor, the higher the interest rates will be. For this reason, few banks grant loans of this type. However, there are specialized financial companies that grant loans through bills of exchange.

What do you need to get the loan?

What do you need to get the loan?

The necessary documents are:

  • Identity document;
  • Fiscal Code;
  • Document showing your income;
  • Tax declaration;
  • Signing up for life insurance;

Some banks may require additional documents, so we recommend contacting the bank to verify the necessary documentation.

Loans changed online

There is a way to request loans of this type also online that allow you to receive the sum rather quickly. The offer of online loans is rather small, but it is still an option to evaluate.

If you need to obtain a loan, we advise you to check the reliability of the financial agency that grants the loan. Pay close attention to conditions, interest rates and expenses.

Pay attention to TAN and APR, or the interest rate and the cost of the loan operation. The financial agencies generally also grant quick loans and therefore within about 24 or 48 hours.

The installments must be paid monthly with bills of exchange at the support bank that the financial agency has chosen and which will be indicated when the contract is signed.

We advise asking an expert for help to avoid making mistakes in the passages and finding yourself with some nasty surprises during the payment.